We are helping fresh new faces find their way to success in modeling, acting and singing.
If you think you are a star, let’s get the camera rolling!
We are working with over 250 modeling, acting, production management and new talent agencies in the world.
We can get you places and offices where only superstars can go.
We have helped hundreds of agencies discover new superstars, supermodels, divas and influencers.
Whether you are looking for fresh and exciting talent for video production, acting, singing or modeling, we have a the next big superstar here for you.
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ATL Talent Group – Connecting Talent And Opportunities.

Female Models

Female Models

We have a pool of fresh and experienced models to be the new face of successful product launches. Our models are handpicked to be the best.

Male Models

Male Models

Our tall, muscular and husky male models are the best. Whether you want to do a photo shoot or sign someone for a long-term contract, we have the perfect man for you.



Singers, musicians, vocalists, background singers and related talent, we always have a star in making here for you.

Production Talent

Production Talent

A lot of talent is off screen, the people who make the magic happen. Producers, directors, assistants or body doubles, search the perfect talent here.


How To Work With ATL Talent Group

Do a professional photo shoot

A professional photographer can capture your expressions and make you look great in pictures. So, get a photo shoot done by a professional photographer.

Write a high-quality bio

There is nothing as persuasive as a good bio. Your bio tells our agents the type of person you are and whether they hire you or not. Be creative while staying professional.

Stay in touch with us

We are always receiving requests for readily available talent. If you are going to a different city or state or want a quick opportunity, let us know, we might be looking for you.

Fill the registration form

Find the Become A Star page on this website and provide all the required details. Our partner agents want to know as much as they can before they ask you for an audition.

Post your past work

We have a special section to learn about your past work on the registration page. Provide all the details of your work, awards or appreciation you received for your related work.

Contact us for more information

Not getting audition calls, or want to learn more about us, our services or courses we are offering, contact us during work hours or send us an email. We will get back to you right away.

Our Top Talent

  • Phani
    Age : 32Country : IndiaHeight : 5'6 (167 cm)Skills : Acting


  • Xavier
    Age : 9Country : North MelbourneHeight : 2'2 (66 cm)


  • Oscar
    Age : 8Country : North MelbourneHeight : 2' (60 cm)


  • Isla
    Age : 6Country : ParkvilleHeight : 2' (60 cm)Skills : Acting, Activites in Pub/Bar


  • Max
    Age : 8Country : East MelbourneHeight : 2' (60 cm)


  • James
    Age : 4Country : FlemingtonHeight : 2'1 (63 cm)


  • Toby James
    Age : 32Country : SouthbankHeight : 5'10 (177 cm)

    Toby James

  • Blake
    Age : 31Country : Carlton 3053Height : 5'11 (180 cm)


  • David
    Age : 35Country : North MelbourneHeight : 6'2 (187 cm)


  • Gadir
    Age : 32Country : ParkvilleHeight : 5'10 (177 cm)


  • Lower
    Age : 35Country : JolimontHeight : 6'1 (185 cm)


  • Simone
    Age : 38Country : JolimontHeight : 6' (182 cm)


  • Tess
    Age : 32Country : Fishermans BendHeight : 5'11 (180 cm)


  • Tiggy
    Age : 35Country : South YarraHeight : 6'3 (190 cm)


Why ATL Talent Group

Fashion Shows

Finding the right talent for fashion shows and ramp walks can be a pain in the neck, especially if you want several models and you are short on time. At ATL Talent Group, we have a wonderful pool of experienced and fresh modeling talent, ready to walk for your brand.

Singers and Musicians

Whether you need stage singers, backstage singers, vocalists or musicians that can keep a huge audience craving for more, we have them all here. Our team selects only the best singers and musicians from across the USA to provide you the voice you are looking for without wasting time.

Ad Campaigns

Looking for a refreshing new face for a major ad campaign but not finding someone exciting? You are in luck because we have what you are looking for, ready to impress and inspire. From beauty to brains, and perfect looks to mesmerizing facial expressions, get ready to be amazed!


ATL Talent Group is committed to the entertainment industry. We are in constant search for unique talent that can entertain audiences. Whether you want an amazing performance on TV, stage or in public, we always have someone who can spellbind your audience, and amaze them with their skills.

Acting Talent

We know that acting is not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why we evaluate aspiring actors and train them to deliver natural expressions and vocals. We are working with professional actors and trainers, to develop acting talent that has the potential to keep the audience captivate for hours.

Production Management

The entertainment industry is not a one-man-show. There is huge entire team working behind the scenes. Camera crew, stuntmen, makeup artists, lighting and effects, or computer graphics, let us know what you need, we will source the best people and get them working on your project within days!

What Our Clients Say

Dan Samuel

I wanted to be an actor but I never got the opportunity to live my dream. I lost hope and made myself believe that dreams are not real. This was before I found ATL Talent Group. Within 2 weeks, I was on my way to LA for a screen test and got my first gig right away! I am starting to believe in dreams. Thank you ATL.



We were looking for a fresh female face for a new cosmetics line for a client, and even after over a hundred interviews, we were stuck. Because of this, things were not moving and the client was growing impatient. A friend referred us to ATL Talent Group and within one week, we were recording the ad campaigns. These guys are the best!


CEO. AD Agency

Nothing can be worse than your lead actor getting sick hours before the show, but this happened to us. The auditorium was filling with people and cancelling the show was nothing but a total disaster. Someone from ATL was there and within 25 minutes, we had four impressive actors reading the lines. The show was a hit! Now we always hire from ATL Talent Group.

Dan Samuel

Production Director